Bill Smith's Famous Clambakes

Serving Martha's Vineyard for over a half-Century!

Welcome to the 'Bill Smith' Experience

Bill Smith's has been the 'Vineyarder's preferred choice' as their clambake caterers for over a half-century.  We do only one thing - Clambakes - but we do it very well!

Whether you are looking for a unique party experience at home or on the beach with family or friends or are planning a wedding for 30 to 3,000 guests, a 'Bill Smith's' Clambake will give your guests an experience in dining they will talk about for years to come.

Options for your Clambake Event

THE CASUAL CATERED CLAMBAKE is designed for a laid-back, fun party such as family reunions, friendly get-togethers, wedding rehearsal dinners and casual business functions. In spirit, it is similar to a picnic or a back-yard barbecue with casual seating and buffet style food service on Chinet platters, with plastic cutlery, paper napkins, etc. Blankets or beach chairs are great for your beach party while the same type of seating you would use for an at-home barbeque works wonderfully well in your yard or function hall.

The Casual Catered Clambake is great for your back yard, the beach or wherever you decide to hold your party.  The Casual option works to give you an event that your guests will talk about for years to come. 

THE FULL SERVICE CLAMBAKE is designed for special occasions, such as wedding receptions, corporate functions, etc. For most other events, the Casual Catered clambake is more appropriate.

Although both the Full Service and the Casual Catered Clambakes are buffet style food service, the Full Service function is usually planned with linen table covers and napkins, glassware, metal cutlery, china or glass table service, chairs and tables, etc. The formal motif requires a tent or an indoor function room of some type. We do not recommend Formal clambakes at beach locations.

OUR UNIQUE CLAMBAKE-TO-GO is a delightfully fun do-it-yourself clambake for groups as small as six persons.

We prepare everything you need and place it in two kettles: one for the chowder and one for the clambake. You pick them up from our commercial kitchen on the afternoon of the day you booked them, together with a high speed burner, a tank of propane and everything else you need for a fabulous picnic. Then off you go to a beach or your summer cottage for the fun of a do-it-yourself clambake.

We can usually book a Clambake-to-Go within 48 hours of request EXCEPT for holidays and July or August weekends.