About us

About us

Martha’s Vineyard Clambake Co. is a specialized
Clambake Catering company. We are experts at putting on a clambake your guests will not forget. Continue reading to learn more about us.

The Original Bill Smith
The Original Bill Smith

The Beginning

We have catered clambakes on Martha’s Vineyard continuously for over sixty years. Bill Smith started catering clambakes for Martha’s Vineyard residents in the early 1960s, working from the garage at his Edgartown home. Bill passed away in 2003, but his business partner continued the business.

Over the decades, Bill catered events for many famous people. His name became known by entertainers, CEOs, politicians, and nobility across the United States and worldwide.

Pres Clinton with the Clambakers
President Clinton with the Clambakers

About us today

In 2003, we moved to a custom-built commercial kitchen in the new Airport Business Park. This has allowed for the growth and development of our business model.

The company now is formally registered as Little Martha’s, Inc. doing business as Bill Smith’s Martha’s Vineyard Clambake Co.

Our commercial kitchen is at 10 North Line Road, Unit 3, in the township of Edgartown (Airport Business Park).

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