Full-service Planning

Planning your
Full-service Clambake

THINGS TO CONSIDER when planning your
Full-service Clambake:

Planning your Full-service Clambake requires a lot of coordination to come off perfectly. This page is a guide to help you plan for the meal service portion of your event. We are also available by email and telephone. Our contact information is here

How Big is your
Full-service Event

Full-service wedding reception

Plan your venue to fit your projected guest count.
Our minimum charge for the Full-service Clambake equals 30 adult guests.
We can serve fewer but must charge the minimum.

Do you have a home or rental property with a yard large enough to hold the number of guests you plan to invite?
If not, perhaps you plan to rent one of the great event halls available on Martha’s Vineyard.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND A FULL-SERVICE AFFAIR ON A BEACH because any adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, or lightning,* can cause the affair to be less than perfect. Instead, if you must have a beach party, we recommend that you opt for one of our Casual Catered clambakes with a backup location.

*We must secure all propane tanks if lightning is reported within 10 miles of a beach location, and so could not cook for you.

About Tents


By choosing the Full-service option, you have indicated that your event is extremely important. One of the key ingredients of that significant event is the meal. If you do not have an acceptable covered area, a cooking tent assures that the food we serve your guests is something they will rave about for years to come.

We will need either a 20×20 foot cooking tent with side panels or a clean and dry place under cover to prepare food. Your food and service items MUST be protected from wind and rain. (We cannot use either a private or commercial kitchen with our 200k high-speed burners.) so be sure to include it when planning your Full-service Clambake

Rent a guest tent if your party is outdoors

YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUR ORDERING A PARTY TENT if you are planning to be outdoors.

Your Full-service function is important enough to protect against the vagaries of weather on Martha’s Vineyard. The company that supplies your tables, linens, and dishware will also have tents.

Be sure to order sides for your tent. Most suppliers will not charge you if they are not used, but if your event day becomes windy or rainy, the sides could save your party.
Links to the local tent suppliers can be found below.

Links to local tent suppliers
Big Sky | Seaside Celebrations | Tilton Tents

Food Service

We reiterate, FOOD SERVICE IS ALWAYS BUFFET-STYLE. Buffet service allows your guests to choose the items and quantity they want from our extensive selection. We do not usually provide table service except for bussing of tables to pick up used dinnerware and glassware.

DO ADVISE US when when planning your Full-service Clambake if you want our staff to provide refills for wine or other special services. If you fail to do so, we will probably be short of staff to provide this optional service for you.

What you need to Provide

Tents, Tables and ChairsYou provide any tables or chairs you might want. There are three companies on Martha’s Vineyard who rent event equipment including tents, tables, chairs, linens, dishware, cutlery, glassware, dance floors, etc.
Dishware, Cups, Flatware, Glassware, Tablecloths, Napkins.The same company that handles your tent can rent platters, chowder cups, dessert plates, glass and stemware, flatware, tablecloths, napkins, and other necessities. When you make a firm reservation, we will provide you with a complete list of what is needed from the party rental company you choose.
Beverages and BartendersYou should arrange to provide any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. We will be happy to recommend a bartending service for your event.
Music, Lighting, Dance Floor, etc.You can discuss these optional items with us if you want them and we will be happy to make recommendations for you – or you can click on the Suppliers link at the top of this page.

A complete list of items needed from your rental company will be provided at the time you make a reservation.

See our Event Suppliers page for a list of recommended suppliers.